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Inside The Wicked Wardrobe – Accessories

We know you wicked women love to wear your lingerie outside of the bedroom, styling it into your everyday outfits, but what about your accessories?

You may not have thought about it, but our luxury leather accessories are versatile pieces of craftsmanship, which can be incorporated into many daily looks, to give them that extra edge. From wearing body harnesses over dresses and shirts, to wearing your collar as a bold choker, or simply wearing your handcuffs as bracelets. In our latest Wickedly Inspirational Women interview, the wonderful Wicked Jade, linked here​, talked about bringing her erotic style out of the bedroom and into the boardroom, and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves:

“We talk a lot these days about bringing our whole selves to work. This means being comfortable to share all aspects of our personality. One way to do that is through the clothing we wear. These are badges or symbols which identify your tribe. It’s not necessarily going the whole hog and dressing up in leather and latex, but little hints that act as markers of your identity. For me, that might include wearing a ring choker or a harness over a dress; a seamed stocking; a bondage-inspired leather bracelet; or just letting my fabulous lingerie subtly show through a translucent-but-otherwise modest top.”

All of our luxury leather accessories are handmade by a talented female saddler, right here in the UK. They have been caressed with care and were constructed with hours of careful craftsmanship to make sure they are simply perfect for all your wicked encounters, behind closed doors or not. This little style guide is going to show you a few different ways to make the most out of your accessories and wear them beyond the bedroom. Not only will they add a stylised edge to your looks, but they’ll also give you a mischievous thrill; sitting in a meeting with your colleagues, knowing that only a few nights prior you were wearing the same accessories in your most intimate moments with a lover. It’s all about adding a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your dress , and hey, if there’s a fellow Something Wicked fan in the room, you’ll definitely be exchanging a few acknowledging glances. If you know, you know…

There are so many ways you can style our Belt with Leather Collar and Chain into your fashion beyond the bedroom. Worn like a harness, this decadent combination of leather and chain eliminates the need for a belt or a necklace, and adds a cheeky wink to bondage through your otherwise-innocent outfit. Heading out for drinks or a dinner date? Pair this piece with some black waxed jeans and a bardot-style top to have the harness be the star of the show; as the 22 carat gold plated chain gives you cool kisses along your ​décolletage​. Slouch a black jacket over your shoulders, slick your hair into a ponytail and slip on some black heeled-boots or strappy heeled-sandals to complete this edgy evening look. You’ll be turning heads all night.

Bring bondage into the board room by styling the Belt with Leather Collar and Chain with a crisp white shirt. Style on top of the shirt, or for a more subtle look, style underneath and leave the top few buttons unfastened; giving people an occasional innocent flash of leather and gold. Pair with black trousers, a stylish stiletto; you’ll have everyone knowing who the boss is.

Opt for something more subtle by switching up the style of your handcuffs. This can be done with any of our cuff options; whether you have the half inch, one inch, or the Nina cuffs. There are so many options; you can choose to keep the chain attached and wear both cuffs on one wrist, remove the chain, wear both cuffs on one wrist, wear one cuff on each wrist, or only one cuff on one wrist. You can pick how much you want to pepper your outfit with a little leather.

Dress your leather cuffs down with a more casual look. Whether you’re running errands, shopping, having a casual day, our leather cuffs add a high-class, edgy finish to even the simplest of outfits. Slouched black trousers, a simple black t-shirt and clean trainers are effortlessly stylish; wearing the cuffs as simple leather bracelets gives the look a more elevated finishing touch, while still embracing your Wicked side. You’ll have the barista’s mind wandering as they hand you your coffee and they catch that glistening gold and the fine leather. Leave them with that lasting impression.

These two outfits show how simple it is to wear your cuffs with simple, everyday outfits. Add a touch of wickedness to traditional workwear by wearing the Something Wicked Nina Handcuffs as simple leather bracelets. The luxurious simplicity of them completes the monochromatic palette – style with gold jewellery to compliment the high-quality metal finishing used in all our leather accessories.

Be striking, and wear our leather collar as a statement choker-style necklace. Thick and sturdy, our leather collars are not only amazing when paired with our leather lead and chain in intimate moments, but make a bold piece of neckwear when dressed up outside the bedroom. Embrace the warm tones of the metal with some bright, warm colours; whether that be trousers, accessories, or both! A crisp white shirt, and black and gold belt to compliment the collar, and small gold earrings embraces the collar into this bold look. Perfect for a city-based brunch date, date night, dinner, night-out, or even a bold-boss in the office; the options are endless.

If monochrome is more your taste, keep the palette neutral. Babydoll-style dresses have been a favourite throughout the summer season, and continue to be into the autumn/winter, in more neutral colours. This black one keeps a feminine silhouette, but also has a kick-ass edge; the square neckline allows the focus to be on the collar. Pair it with some chunky black boots, statement cat-eye sunglasses, a simple bag and soft neutral makeup to keep the look sassy and sexy, without making it too dark and gothic.

Finally, we’re styling the Nina Harness Belt with Chain. The perfect Something Wicked accessory to style over the top of any plain bodice to give it an extra kick. Style over the top of a plain black dress with some knee-high, or over-the-knee, boots to give an evening look some extra edgy glamour. Keep accessories consistent with the gold, whether that be earrings or hardware on handbags, to give it the ultimate luxe feel. A soft smoky eye and a nude lip compliments the finished look, but it’s not complete without a glass of champagne in hand and some stellar company; whether that be one very lucky lover, or your best girl friends.

Layer the Harness over a white top or bodysuit, and under a black jacket, for this edgy, Parisian inspired ensemble. Think ‘Emily In Paris’, but she dabbles in a little bondage behind closed doors. Structured shorts with tall boots keep you warm in these coming winter months, while layering an oversized jacket (we opted for leather because, come on, we’re Something Wicked?) completes the outfit. Finish with a padded cassette bag, simple gold earrings, a soft beret and a lick of berry-coloured lipstick to tie together this rebellious, high-fashion fit.

Want to make your outfits even more indulgent? Don’t forget all of our leather accessories can be monogrammed with up to three letters, making them personalised and unforgettable. If the people didn’t already know you were ‘that’ bitch, they certainly will now.