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Harness bras, open-cup bras, cage bras…

The terminology used in the lingerie world can be confusing, if you’re not already immersed in the industry. If you’re window-shopping (or screen-shopping in the age of Covid) to spice up your – or your lovers – lingerie selection, you’ll be greeted by all sorts of terminology that may leave you in a flustered daze, and not the kind we love and encourage…

What on earth is a waspie? Is that a basque or bustier? You’ll find yourself googling to get a grasp of what a girdle is, and left feeling stressed over suspenders and stockings. We’re here to help get rid of any confusion around the language of lingerie, take away all the stress, and leave you feeling ready for a sensual shopping spree with your new-and-improved lingerie lexicon.

In the past, we’ve opened up the conversation around ouverts – you can read that article here if you need the lowdown on all things open-crotched and open-bummed. Today we’re getting the hang of harness bras: what they are, why we love them and how you can wear them; inside and outside the bedroom…

So you’ve probably heard the following – harness bra, frame bra, caged bralettes, open-busted bra, open-cup bra, cup-less bra, strappy bras, window bras, cut-out bras, half bras, shelf bras… so many terms for the same/very similar concepts, confusion is understandable. But what does it all mean?

While each brand slightly varies on their definition, in regards to their specific product offering, the general gist is all the same. Deriving from the realms of fetish and BDSM, these strappy delights are designed to decorate the décolletage, drawing the eye to the adornments upon the chest. Inspired by the actual harnesses that were often worn over lingerie to elevate the style with an alternative edge, harness bras have combined the two into one wearable product. Despite the connotations of kink (which hey, we’re all into here…), there are several designs and ways to wear these styles that are edgy but elegant, leaving the BDSM to the true professionals…

So, why wear a harness bra, like our Annabel See-Through Lace Harness Bra? Not designed for support, these designs, featuring minimal material, aim to aesthetically accentuate your figure, framing you in all the right places. Not only incredibly admirable in the bedroom – framing your chest like the work of art it truly is – but the extra strappy aspects make the perfect addition to any outfit. Whether you choose to layer it over other lingerie, or just having your harness bra be the star of the show, a flash of a seductive strap allures to something wonderfully wicked lying beneath your clothes, while adding an subtle-but-edgy element to what otherwise may be a rather simple outfit.

But don’t think this is just a style for the weekend, or out-of-office hours; this style of lingerie is perfect to merge the boardroom with a little bit of bedroom. In our interview with The Wicked Jade, she tells of how she lets elements of fetish fashion infiltrate her workwear style – wearing a ring choker or a harness over a dress; a seamed stocking; a bondage inspired leather bracelet; or just letting my fabulous lingerie subtly show through a translucent but otherwise modest top.” The strapping details that often caress the décolletage, peak through the open top buttons of a crisp blouse or shirt, allows you to embrace your wicked and wilder side, while keeping it SFW.

But who says you’ve got to keep things underwraps? Styling harness bras over the top of your outfits is a slightly more bold and brazen approach to this styling of harness bras.

Layering a harness bra, like our Montana Leather Open Cupped Harness Bra, elevates an outfit to provide an edgy, ‘street-style’ element, and provides additional texture and shape to your existing outfit. Worn over a dress, t shirt or shirt, the subtle seduction provided from the leather underbust adds wink to bondage without having to go the full hog (or hog ties…)

Take some inspiration from the images in this article and get hooked on the many ways of styling a harness bra. Whether you’re layering undershirts, styling over dresses, revealing a subtle peek-a-boo or having it be the star of the ensemble, there are so many ways to wear a harness bra. Benefit from double the wear, both inside and outside the bedroom, and find your fancy with these incredible ways of bringing your wicked side out into the world.

So tell us, how will you wear your wicked?