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Best bra styles to suit your shape.

Finding that perfect bra can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Just like all those nail-biting, nervous brides in Kleinfelds on ‘Say Yes to the Dress’, there are a multitude of factors we need to consider before we say ‘yah to the bra’. The fit, the style, the silhouette, how comfortable it is, how it makes us feel while we’re wearing it, all play a huge role in whether we invite this bra into our intimate encounters.

Just like snowflakes, no two sets of breasts are ever the same. Hey, even the breasts within the same set are never exactly the same! Smaller, fuller, natural, enhanced, little nipples, larger nipples, inverted, with scars, stretch marks, veins; as women we’ve all got some kind of body hang-up – whether its self-inflicted, or imposed by perfectly portrayed bodies in the media and on Instagram. While self-love and self acceptance are key to loving the skin you’re in, what you put on your body and how it makes you feel while you’re wearing it, can have an incredible, uplifting, empowering impact, that spans longer than just the time you’re wearing it.

We want to make sure every woman who wears Something Wicked can feel something incredible. While online shopping can be difficult – unable to try things on, to feel the fabric sit against your skin, to test the support, to make sure you’ve not got any surprise overspills of cleavage to catch you off guard – we want to be totally transparent with you, and help you find the perfect SW style, that’s the best for your chest. That’s right, we’ve gone through every bra we offer and thrown down the low down, to make sure you find the right luxury bra for your individual needs.

Ever been sat on the fence about which bra is right for you, but you’re not 100% sure? Want to avoid the delivery disappointment when you receive an order that just wasn’t the right fit for you, but you didn’t know any better? Keep on reading to discover which Something Wicked bra is right for you, and take that first step into entering our Wicked world…

The Mia Collection

No matter what end of the ‘breastiness’ spectrum you fall upon, the Mia collection has something for you. While the Mia Balcony Bra has three fully adjustable back straps to expand and adjust the width of your bra to fit the body, the shape and design of the cups make it a bra better designed for a smaller bust. However, fear not, as the Mia Soft Cup Bra is perfect for the women with a bigger bust. With fully adjustable back straps, shoulder straps, a front-fastening clasp and two layers of material – soft see-through mesh with a layered out-cup featuring our signature Japanese plonge leather – in the triangle cup to provide support, this bra will have you simultaneously feeling sexy and secure.

The Lexi Collection

Inspired by the art of shibari, the Lexi collection features draping leather that seductively hugs the body. The Lexi Soft Cup Bra suits larger and smaller busts alike; featuring two decadent panels of leather that wrap to envelope the body and fasten at the back. However, completely uncupped and designed with the intention to be worn as a bold outerwear piece, the Lexi Soft Cup bra is not the piece for you if you’re looking for support. Alternatively, the Lexi Balcony Bra is still perfect for both smaller and larger busts, but offers an increased amount of support. Maintaining the bondage inspired aesthetic with wrapping swathes of buttery leather, fully adjustable shoulder straps and hook and eye fastenings ensure this leather balcony bra leaves you comfortably supported. If you have a smaller sized chest, the structure provided in the Lexi Leather Balcony Bra can help create the appearance of a larger chest and an emphasised cleavage. Wherever you fall, be it large or small, this will be a great bra for you.

The Jade Collection

Using the wonderful Wicked Jade as the muse for this collection, this namesake collection is perfectly designed for the mid-ranged cup sized women. A proud member of the itty-bitty-titty-committee herself, the Jade collection is designed to enhance the chest of those with smaller breasts. Sadly, this one isn’t for the bigger busted beauties, but don’t worry we have plenty of other collections that are!

The Jade Balcony Bra is best suited to mid-cup sized chests (typically ranging from a B to a D cup). With statement leather strapping intricately entwined over soft satin cups, the bold design can sometimes look a little overpowering on a smaller chest, whereas a larger bust can spill out of the cut out windows, which would give a not-so comfortable, and not-so complimentary, look. As for the Jade Soft Cup Bra, the entirely non-padded satin cups are most flattering on a smaller chest. While the stunning strappy cut outs would look great on a full chest, this design doesn’t have the most support.

The Nina Collection

A true triple threat collection, the Nina range boasts a design for every breast. A graceful fusion of classic and kinky, the Nina Balcony Bra offers a great amount of support for a larger busted woman, but also can create an appearance of a fuller chest for women with a smaller cup size. A staple bra without all the bells and whistles, this design is stripped back but still strikingly bold, and perfect for all women on the spectrum of bustiness. The Nina Demi Balcony Bra is an eye-catching design, with daring half cups that draw attention to the chest. However the half cup design is best suited to smaller busts, as the half-cup design doesn’t offer enough support to larger natural breasts, as the centre half of the bra is cut away. However, this bra does compliment busts that are larger as a result of a breast augmentation, as they have less natural movement and hold their own position. Last and by no means least for the Nina collection, the seductive see-through Nina Soft Cup Bra  is beautifully suited to all bust sizes. The full triangle cups of sheer tulle provide coverage and support, the leather strapping gives a wink to bondage, while the sheer tulle provides a kinky peek-a-boo to your curves through the fabric.

The Ava Collection

The Ava Half Cup Bra is a design of leather and suede with an inviting peep-hole featured in the lower-half of the cup. Because of this design, and the unavoidable forces of gravity, this design is best suited to a smaller bust size. If you have a larger bust, or your bust is more bottom heavy, this design doesn’t provide enough support, and you may have an uninvited nip-slip, as you can slip out of the bottom of the peep-hole. However, the Ava Balcony Bra is begging to adorn busts of all sizes. The art-deco influenced design creates sophisticated symmetry using leather and suede on the cups, providing full support and coverage for a lady with larger assets. Alternatively, if you’re sporting a smaller bust, the flattering shape and design can create the appearance of a larger chest for women who wear a smaller cup size.

The Montana Collection

Similar to the Nina collection, the Montana collection has something for every size and shape of chest. The Montana Balcony Bra is a classic but contemporary design, with full supported cups made of our signature Japanese plonge leather, with a curious cut-out peep-hole in the centre of the sternum. This bra offers a great amount of support for a larger bust, while simultaneously creating the illusion of a larger bust for wearers with a smaller chest. If a soft-cup is more your style, the Montana Soft Cup Bra is again perfect for all bust sizes. Despite being a triangle soft-cup, this bra has hidden bones in the side, to strike the balance between comfort and structure. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for a dance on the daring side, the Montana Harness Bra is one for the bold and brave. Completely open-cupped for those who dare to bare, this bra provides no support at all, but can be worn beautifully by women with busts of all sizes. Perfect for being playful in private, or layering to be worn as part of a full outfit, no matter what the circumstance, this bra will make you feel edgy and wonderfully wicked.

The Lace Collection

If lace is more your taste, we have a small selection of lace lingerie to get you feeling incredible. The Arabella Soft Cup Bra is a stunning style featuring ornate French lace; fully of gold threads, picot edges, kisses from lace eyelashes and decadent plated components. Due to the non-padded lace design, this style is best suited for those with a mid-range sized bust (typically a B to D cup). Smaller chests don’t tend to fill the lace cups, whereas larger chests don’t receive enough support, due to the lack of underwiring and the unstructured lace cups. However, our bold Annabel Harness Bra can be worn by women of all bust sizes. Open-cupped and not wired, this bra doesn’t provide any support for your chest, but rather gives you an edgy aesthetic, with strappy black elastic framing your breasts like a true work of art. With French Chantilly lace inserts sitting just below the bust, this design balances edgy and elegance and elevates your bedroom style.

We hope this guide has helped to clear any cloudiness around which bra is best suited for you – or a lover if you’re looking to give the gift of luxury lingerie! Don’t forget, if you need any further assistance, our inbox at ​info@somethingwicked.co.uk​ is always open. Want to ask a quick question and get a response in real time? Use our online live chat here on our website, where one of our expert team members will be able to answer any and every question you have. There’s nothing we haven’t been asked before, and we’re fluent in the language of lingerie. So what are you waiting for, don’t be shy…